Sean Harding and Paul Biglin

Co-PresidentsSpirit Bear Coffee Company
More about Spirit Bear Coffee Company:

How do you take your coffee?
In the morning… A Cappuccino made with our Raven Espresso. A Breve with our Raven Espresso at Lunch, afternoons with our Orca Dark Roast, Black. Summertime we open the fridge door to our Cold Brew – brewed with our Eagle Medium Roast. (Note: A Breve is similar to a latte, but uses half and half instead of milk)

Tell us about some of the challenges (and joys!) of being a coffee entrepreneur/member of the coffee community.
It’s was a much bigger challenge in the beginning to accept that an Indigenous company could be sustainable. After 16 years of Nation to Nation and Coast to Coast our “paw print” is solid. We are now featured in Universities, Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Offices and Coffee Houses across Canada

How has being part of the BIPOC community strengthened or challenged your experience in Canadian coffee?
The heightened awareness and focus on the BIPOC community has helped to strengthen our position in the marketplace. Corporations that actively recognise the BIPOC community reach out to us directly to do business. Our ability to work with strategic partners with similar ideals continues to expand.

Has the Canadian coffee landscape changed in terms of diversity & inclusion since you started?
Over time we have found that interest in our Spirit Bear Coffee Co. brand and brand values grows and gains more momentum. With each year, the doors open wider and we are excited to walk through them into the future.

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