How Science and Tech are Transforming Food & Beverage

Thursday, April 27
12:oo noon - 1:00 pm
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What does the future of food and beverage look like? The panelists on our April 27 webinar certainly have some ideas! Compound Foods is a food-tech startup recreating coffee without beans through fermentation; Minus Coffee. CULT Food Science believes that cellular agriculture, and other advanced food technologies, will become a pillar of how we create food over the next decade. And the Canadian Food Innovation Network champions a collaborative food innovation culture that generates transformative opportunities… accelerating, connecting and driving food innovation in Canada.

Speakers & Panelists

Meet the speakers and panelists that we'll be hearing from.

Lejjy Gafour

CEOCULT Food Science

Dana McCauley

CEOCanadian Food Innovation Network

Maricel Saenz

Founder & CEOCompound Foods, Coffee MINUS the Beans
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