How are you taking your #VirtualCoffeeBreak today?

Coffee has always been more than just a drink – it is a way of life, a social connection, a mental health break. With COVID-19 and the critical importance of #SocialDistancing, the coffee industry and coffee lovers have had to modify how they enjoy their favourite beverage.

Your team meetings may now be held through video conference with your mug of coffee in hand, brewed at home, delivered or picked up at the drive-thru. Instead of sitting together with a friend, co-worker or family member enjoying a cup of joe, maybe you’re each brewing a cup and setting a time to talk on the phone or by video chat.

“I’ve always done this with my sister who lives in another province,” said Lesya Balych-Cooper, President of the Coffee Association of Canada. “We would set a time to call, each brew a cup and catch up. Now we do it every day. It’s so important to stay connected!”

How have you modified your day and interactions?
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