This National Coffee Day… Find the Silver Lining

This National Coffee Day (September 29, 2020), the Coffee Association of Canada and its members are focused on finding the “Silver Linings” in this year of unprecedented change.

“When we surveyed our members during the COVID pandemic, they told us that their biggest focal points and learnings were the importance of safety, preparation, people and resiliency,” said Lesya Balych-Cooper, President, Coffee Association of Canada. “We’ve incorporated that theme of positivity, learning and growth into everything we do, including our 2020 Conference, themed “Silver Linings”.”

Here are some positive Coffee Facts to celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29th:

1*    Coffee is still the most popular beverage among adult Canadians over 16 – even more than tap water.

2      The first virtual Coffee Association of Canada Conference will be held over 2 days (Oct. 6 & 7) bringing together 100+ coffee experts from across the globe.

4      Unsweetened coffee is listed as one of only 4 "healthy drink options" other than water in the Canada Food Guide.

6      The CAC’s proprietary annual Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends study was modified to 6 waves this year, in order to get a better picture of Canadians coffee consumption during lockdown*.

72*   While Canadians may have changed how and where they are drinking their coffee, past-day consumption remains the same compared to 2019, at 72%.

95     The latest review in the New England Journal of Medicine references 95 studies on coffee and health. The resulting evidence concluded that coffee has a wealth of health benefits, may help ward off chronic illness and can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

So enjoy your coffee on National Coffee Day on September 29th, and every day!


*Source: 2020 Coffee Association of Canada “Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends Study”. More details to be shared at the CAC Conference on October 6 & 7.

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